Maine-ly Speaking, Google Barge Is Sparking Mere Rumors

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Posted 4 years ago


Maine-ly Speaking, Google Barge Is Sparking Mere RumorsThere’s a barge that is docked at Treasure Island in San Francisco. It has been viewed as being mysterious and linked to Google. Speculated to be a “floating marketing center” or a data center for the launch of Google Glass, that is to happen quite soon.

There is a second boat parked right now outside of Portland, Maine. This is a four-story barge that is sitting in the harbor, there.

Cianbro, have been spotted and are believed to be busy at work on secret electronics and work on the inside of the boat. Cianbro is a fabrication company based locally in Portland.

There is really too much speculation for this here writer to want to speculate on all this mere observational data and then ascribe it to a larger Google project. Some say that Cianbro workers that have spoken on behalf of their company as working on the barge, and not much else being reported to the press by these people, doesn’t shed much light at all on this being a Google type of fix-up company. Cianbro seems just too small for Google and its aspirations.

So far, much ado about nothing concrete.

Rich Casale



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