Malicious Sites Can Use Chrome’s Voice-Recognition To Record You

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Posted 4 years ago


Malicious Sites Can Use Chrome's Voice-Recognition To Record You OfflineA pop-up window can be recording you if it’s capable of voice-recognition; continuing to do so long after you’ve closed the tab.  This is the finding of an astute Google Chrome user who has come forward with this bug in the system.

You won’t know if you are being recorded, as no icons will alert you. The fine print on Chrome’s microphone permissions policy is at the center of this discrepancy.

Tal Ater, who brought forth this flaw — front and center — knows that this is a serious issue that will get more attention as time goes on, and contends: “Authorizing a site to use speech recognition will soon be as common as talking to Siri.”

Assuming control of your microphone and who gets to listen to what you’re saying is, indeed, food for thought.

Rich Casale


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