Malware Attacks 30 Countries

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Posted 4 years ago


Malware Attacks 30 CountriesFor more than five years it went undetected. Hitting private organizations and governments in 30 countries, venomous and complex malware was the recipe for disaster as the cyber-espionage hack code-named “The Mask” compromised computers.

The APT/Advanced Persistent Threat was comprised of authors adept at the Spanish language — not the norm, making the covert attacking more ominous and elusive.

In understanding the extent of this backdoor program, principal security researcher of the Kaspersky Lab, Igor Soumenkov: “Sometimes, samples are detected, but the researchers lack the data to make a ‘big picture’ out of it. With Careto (Spanish term for The Mask) we tried not just to analyze the attack against Kaspersky products, but to understand what is the big picture.”

Rich Casale


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