Marc Benioff Has Unkind Words For SAP

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Posted 2 years ago


Salesforce Has Been Approached By A Potential BuyerThe CEO of Salesforce is not happy with SAP, and he’s not shy about letting the world know.

Marc Benioff, on a quarterly conference call with analysts, once again spoke of his desire to have Salesforce be “the fastest software company ever to $10 billion in revenue.”

He then went on to proclaim that in that position, Salesforce would be the fourth biggest software company in the world. And that they would essentially go after SAP.

“Fortunately for us, their kind of lackluster growth execution and lack of innovation in their core product, we just saw in their product this quarter, they are an easy target.” Benioff then went on to further disparage SAP in terms of their innovation.

This comes in the wake of Salesforce having a strong last quarter, and also commentary from the CEO of SAP, Bill McDermott that suggest that the company would not be in the market to purchase Salesforce due to a possibly steep price.

McDermott also felt that other firms would shy away from doing so for the same reason. Benioff does have some heft behind his words, explaining that the company already has $9 billion in its coffers in revenue during the call.

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