Mars Or Bruno Mars?: Amazon’s Kinesis Service Makes Quick Work Of Data Streams

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Posted 4 years ago


Mars Or Bruno Mars?: Amazon's Kinesis Service Makes Quick Work Of Data StreamsA NASA scientist, Khawaja Shams, in the space agency’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory stood at the podium at the Re:Invent event on November 14th, 2013, and told of his experience with testing Amazon’s Kinesis. Asking Kinesis, which had been plugged in to a Twitter data stream to determine the practical use of the word “Mars”, overall, found a revealing result to prevail. Instead of being a yardstick to gauge the popularity among the Earthling populus concerning exploratory space missions like the one in which India had recently propelled a craft mission to Mars, the shock set in for something unexpected.

Bruno mars was most popular on the West Coast. Not the “Mars” he was looking for.

Amazon, to look at the bright side of life, is hopeful of becoming a way for developers to reach into real-time analysis and bring forth “deep” information into their applications, as Kinesis works its expediency on the subject being studied.

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