Megaupload’s Kim Dotcom Offers Sneak Peak At His Baboom

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Posted 4 years ago


Megaupload's Kim Dotcom Offers Sneak Peak At His BaboomFormerly known as Megabox, a sneak peek, or rather “soft launch” has been instituted today courtesy of Megaupload infamy main man, Kim Dotcom.

Enter: Baboom. Baboom will not have its full launch until late 2014. Dotcom, also being infamous for the file-sharing that Mega service provides is doing a lot of forward thinking at present.

Dotcom has an album called Good Times. It is purchasable on both Google Play and iTunes.

Baboom promises — and, at present gives a look at — many, many features, and one comment about Dotcom’s Europop album is tantamount to all that can be gleaned from him, his music and his enterprising. Read on.

There is a video that stands posted right by his own album. In it Dotcom has this to say: “my idea is that artists should make their music available for free, and fans should only pay for it if they really like it.” Dotcom furthers, (rather maybe with blinders on to the competition who are already doing this, at least to some degree or another): “So I’m going to lead by example today.” Whether Kim Dotcom and Baboom can resurrect in spirit the now stench-ridden corpse that was MySpace is doubtful. And, to be fair, it isn’t what he is outright stating to do but it sure looks like he is heading down that obstacle-strewn path of one ginormous task.

Another thing is that musicians, the world over, are scratching their heads (and some pounding their fists into tables) in the quest to overcome the public’s insistence on snatching up free music as is has made irresistible by platforms like Spotify and Soundcloud (choke -choke wheeze-wheeze) that cater to that urge.  Musicians have been relegated to monkeys with organ grinders’ status, almost. Musicians are almost existing like minstrels in the dark ages, once again.

Does the public want part-time music by part-time musicians? Can Kim Dotcom’s Baboom succeed where hardly-a-peep has been heard from the polite prop-giving founder Philip Kaplan’s in-the-2012-promising Fandalism, YouTube like set-up?

I raise my glass of Pepsi and make a toast that someone is trying to jostle things a bit in the frying pan that is the music-selling business these days.

But who knows? If time is a spiral and space is a curve, then as a musician  and a writer — I have got to sit down and check it out more fully, this Baboom, as I’m getting dizzy.

And in all fairness, folks, I have not  heard one single note of this gent’s music. So I digress.

This could actually be a “all for one, and all for one” situation where Dotcom wants a top-selling album and not a call-to arms to change the current dismal climate of the recorded-music buying biz. Just a ploy to pad his own pockets.

Rich Casale


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