Messaging App Line Gets Smartphone and Tablet Update

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Posted 4 years ago

Messaging App Line Gets Smartphone and Tablet UpdateLine, the Japanese messaging app that has slowly been growing in popularity, has been given a new update with a couple of notable additions.

Version 3.9 of the app, developed by Naver Japan, has moved beyond the standard messaging and sticker features and added video calling to its line-up. Of course, Line is pretty late to the party when it comes to video calling, as seemingly anyone who’s anyone is already offering the option of face-to-face calling, but the feature is welcomed all the same.

Video chat is being rolled out across Apple and Android devices, as well as PCs, and will let you see who you are chatting with in a full screen image on your device. Your face will be shown in a smaller sub-screen, which can be moved anywhere on the main screen that you find appropriate. Calls can be answered as a video call or a voice call; however, choosing the latter will mean the camera will not be activated. If you do select video chat though, Line will let you switch between video and chat at any time during the call, which is highly convenient if you need a bit of instant privacy.

The other major feature comes in the shape of Snap Movie – a video creation mode that aims to cash in on the current Vine and SnapChat craze. Snap Movie lets you record 4-10 second video clips, which can be edited with some background music and posted to your timeline, where they will play on loop until they become really annoying. This feature is currently only available on iOS, but an Android version will be rolled out soon.

Line is also bringing some improved sharing features, with a new Album function in chatrooms allowing you to create and edit photo albums with friends. Up to 100 albums can be created and only members of the chatroom will be allowed to add or edit content.

You can grab the latest version of Line now for free from the App Store and Google Play Store.

– Anthony Carter

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