Messenger’s First Game Launches

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Posted 2 years ago


Facebook To Add More Features To MessengerFacebook’s latest service just got another new feature for the gamer in everyone.

Facebook Messenger has just unveiled its first game for the service, called “Doodle Draw Game”.

Previously, the closest thing to games that Messenger offered since its launch in April were content creators for GIFs and sound effects.

Behind the scenes however, the company was actively exploring the possibilities for full games to be offered within the platform.

The game itself is highly similar to the viral sensation Draw Something that was prevalent back in 2012.

You basically draw something on the screen, add a color or two, then send your work to a friend for them to ascertain what you drew.

You get a chance to get more colors for your palette by playing, and the same goes for earning currency.

The success of Doodle Draw will be dependent not so much on how many will flock to it, but its staying power without having to rely on spam methods like constantly inviting friends.

Christopher A. Smith


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