Microsoft Brings Office to iPhone

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Posted 4 years ago

Microsoft Brings Office to iPhoneMicrosoft’s flagship Office software has been teased for an iOS release for more than a year; however, there has never been anything in the way of confirmation from the Windows manufacturer when Apple users would get a mobile Office suite – until today.

Window’s aside, Office is Microsoft’s bread and butter, and the company wants to give as many people access to it as possible. With Google’s Drive software flourishing, and both Windows Phone and Surface tablets struggling to really make an impact in the market, this release of Office is a very timely one indeed and the company will be hoping that it can boost fortunes in the mobile market.

Office for iPhone is free to subscribers of Office 365 and will deliver Microsoft’s word processing software to a vast audience. Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are tremendously popular and relied upon by millions of personal and business users across the world. iPhone users will certainly welcome the release of the new app; however, those that do not have Office 365 might not be too thrilled about having to sign-up for the $100 a year subscription in order to gain editing access.

You may have noticed us only mentioning Office for iPhone; this is because there is no app available for the iPad yet.

“If you have an iPad, we recommend using Office Web Apps that provide the best Office experience on a tablet. We have made great enhancements to Office Web Apps including an improved touch experience for tablet users,” said Microsoft in a blog post about the new app. Whether this means the Redmond-based company will not be releasing a native app for iPad remains to be seen.

For current subscribers to Office 365 ProPlus and Home Premium in the U.S., the Office for iPhone app is available to download now. Microsoft says that a further 135 markets and 29 languages will be made available next week.

– Anthony Carter

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