Microsoft Corporation Stands Up For Its Foreign Customers

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Posted 4 years ago


Microsoft Corporation Stands Up For Its Foreign CustomersIn the wake of the technologically brutal crudity that the NSA is showing in its bulk widespread surveillance programs exposed to the light by brave journalists, fortified by the United States Constitution’s right to freedom of the press, businesses like Microsoft are now addressing the defense of their customer base against spying.

Microsoft is strengthening their resolve with overseas customers by increasing the volume of encryption they use and promising to stand up in court for their customers. Yahoo Inc. and Google Inc. have already stated they would increase encryption, also, after overseers at the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court were not included in the National Security Agency’s infiltration of customers overseas.

The FISC could have moderated the situation so as not to let the NSA think they can act without consultation and consideration to the consequences and repercussions in acting with such brute force and freeform bravado with the world’s citizens/businesses.

All this unwarranted spying is possibly detrimental to the overall stability of international business affairs, to say the very least — editorially speaking.

Rich Casale


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