Microsoft Gets Serious About Security With New Edge Browser

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Posted 2 years ago


Microsoft's New Browser Renamed "Microsoft Edge"

For those Windows users questioning what could be next after the demise of Internet Explorer, Microsoft is set to provide an answer that will address users’ growing concerns about their online security, according to recent reports.

That answer comes in the form of Edge, the new Internet browser that will be included in the latest Microsoft operating system known as Windows 10. It is slated to be the default browser going forward, even though Internet Explorer will still be available when Edge is released midway through this year. Where Internet Explorer was reviled for its slow loading speed and a more serious susceptibility to hackers exploiting its extensions, Edge looks to combat that by severing all extensions and using HTML5 in addition to developing an extension system that will utilize both HTML and JavaScript. Developers also point to Edge being created as a standalone application, which makes it more isolated and protected.

Edge will also stamp out phishing attempts with the help of its internal Passport technology that will authenticate users with a single-sign in process. Microsoft has also taken pains to make Edge a sleek experience, with a home page that gives users access to their Web-based apps along with Chrome and Firefox extension support. Not looking to leave anything to chance, the company has initiated a Windows 10 Technical Preview Browser Bug Bounty Program. Those who take part can get paid if they discover any bugs within the program and report it to Microsoft.

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