Microsoft Launches Office 365 for Android

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Posted 4 years ago

Microsoft Launches Office 365 for AndroidA month-and-a-half after Office 365 launched on iOS, Microsoft has brought its premier app to the Google Play Store.

The app, which was made available on Wednesday, brings small screen versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint to Android smartphones; however, the service is not available for tablets. Office 365 is essentially the very same app that debuted for iPhone back in June, which means that, while the download is free, Google users will be required to sign up for a cloud-based subscription in order to get the most out of the app.

A full priced annual subscription retails at a typically expensive $99.99 a year (discounts are available for teachers and students), and gives you full access to the popular Office apps with the ability to read, create, edit and save. Creation is not available for PowerPoint; however, it is possible to edit and add notes to existing docs. Users will also be able to sync all documents with SkyDrive, making them available across all PC’s, smartphones and tablet devices.

Microsoft had apparently been of two minds whether to make Office apps available on rival handsets or not, and it seems as though its decision has been forced by the recent availability of free productivity suites and services on both Google and Apple. While there have been rumors in the past, Redmond has made no announcement on Office 365 for tablets, and there may never be one. Delivering its cloud-based service for Android and iOS allows the company to profit from users, while still promoting Windows 8 and a tablet version of the suite on its own Surface tablets. Windows 8 is the only tablet that is fully compatible with Office and Microsoft is likely to keep that way, at least until adoption of the OS picks up.

– Anthony Carter

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