Microsoft Launches “Twins Or Not” Website

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Posted 2 years ago


Microsoft And The IRS Back In CourtRemember how everyone clamored to try out that website that guessed your age based on a photograph you uploaded?

Well, Microsoft thinks it may have something else to spark that same frenzy.

The company is now set to release a new tool entitled “Twins Or Not”.

In essence, you upload two photos and the internal configuration machine Microsoft has designed will determine how similar the people in the two photos are.

It sums up its findings with a final score ranging from 0 to 100.

The kicker to Twins Or Not, is the fact that Microsoft states that the tool’s construction only took its’ developers a total of four hours to create, using both their Azure cloud platform and pre-existing API’s.

Now of course, the major question that exists is: will users of this new tool be unhappy as they were when they found out that the last website,, owned all rights to the photos people uploaded?

Microsoft claims that they won’t hold onto your photos for re-use, so you will have to wait and see if they’re truthful to that end.

Christopher A. Smith


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