Microsoft Re-Animates Surface RT Tablets

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Posted 4 years ago


Microsoft Re-Animates Surface RT TabletsThe ever extra-motivational mode of Microsoft these days has caused them to get a bit ahead of themselves. Surface 2 and Surface 2 Pro, being the second generation of their Surface tablets, launched today and  already  are eclipsing the Surface RT by coming equipped automatically loaded with Windows 8.1 software.

That is not something that Surface RT tablet owners necessarily want to hear. (Unless they are not very patient or just happen to have the money to throw up their hands and march out to the local electronics emporium to buy a Surface 2 model!) The Microsoft 1st Generation Surface tablet owners faced a Windows 8.1 update problem last weekend and it is only now that its users are able to give it a go with the so-called latest and greatest (update) thus moving themselves up on the rungs of the Microsoftware ladder.

With installation problems haunting a sufficient amount of users, Microsoft’s Window Store released the Windows 8.1 update, once again. It was only two days after October 17th that Microsoft, calling it “a rare situation” in the support circle, removed the update. Becoming bricked when the original update crashed and burned, was the outcome for some  Surface RT tablets. On October 21st Microsoft played a numbers game by claiming that the failed update only affected one out of every one thousand Surface RT users; citing them out of the owner’s crowd to be but “a small fraction”.

Well, thank god for small favors, as yesterday Microsoft got the tablets back to scratch by concocting a recovery system: A 3.7 GB image guaranteed to bring resurrection to the zombified Surface RTs. This Windows 8.1 update fracas has wasted a lot of time and frustrated many users. People obviously have other things to do than watch their expensive devices not boot up.

(Now what can I do with that money in my sock drawer?)

Rich Casale 


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