Microsoft Reportedly Paying up to $100,000 to Windows Phone Developers

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Posted 4 years ago

Microsoft Reportedly Paying up to $100,000 to Windows Phone DevelopersThere are many things to like about the new Windows Phone 8 OS and its tile-based interface; however, the platform lacks in one key area: apps. In a market dominated by the duopoly of Android and iOS – both of which have close to 1 million apps in their respective app stores – Windows Phone has simply been unable to gain a firm foothold. Microsoft, though, seems to have clearly identified that a lack of quality apps as a major flaw in its product and is reportedly paying developers up to $100,000 to get the big names over to Windows.

According to an article published by Bloomberg BusinessWeek, author Ashlee Vance says that, “My friends in Silicon Valley say Microsoft has been offering $100,000 or more to companies that will build Windows Phone apps.”

The article also stresses that Microsoft has paid key developers in excess of $100,000 to get them to develop for the Windows Phone platform. It seems that Microsoft is not simply throwing around this sort of money to just any developers, rather focusing on getting those with a proven track record of developing popular and profitable apps for Apple and Google.

Thanks to its continuing drive to attract developers, Microsoft has managed to build a portfolio that contains offer 145,000 apps. While this is more apps that any smartphone users could possibly need, it is a fraction of what the big two are offering and is much less appealing to consumers as a result.

Microsoft has a lack of high-profile apps on its Windows Phone platform at the moment, with many developers choosing to overlook the OS. This was highlighted recently when struggling BlackBerry considered Windows Phone to still be too small to be considered for its forthcoming cross-platform BBM app. Will $100,000 be enough to change the minds of developers? Well, money talks – but do the likes of Instagram and Pinterest really need the money? I don’t think so.

– Anthony Carter

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