Microsoft Suspends Windows Phone 7.8 Update

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Posted 4 years ago

Windows Phone Nokia Lumia users noticing a distinct lack of battery life after updating to WP 7.8 are not alone; Microsoft has also noted the problem and Nokia has confirmed it.

Just last week, manager of the Windows Phone program Joe Belfiore took to Twitter to confirm that Microsoft had identified a minor problem with the 7.8 code and are working on a fix to resolve the issue. Many Lumia users have been complaining about heavy battery drain following the update and the problem seems to be related to the new live tiles using large amounts of data, thus putting strain on the battery.

Due to ongoing complaints about the issue, Vodafone Germany said they would be halting the Windows Phone 7.8 update, although no specific details were mentioned about the update problem. Now, it has been officially confirmed by Nokia that Microsoft has temporarily suspended distribution to many old Lumia devices, including the popular Lumia 800. The confirmation came via a tweet on the official Russian Nokia Twitter account in response to a Lumia user that had asked about the battery issue.

The tweet in Russian is roughly translated to say, “Microsoft decided to temporarily suspend distribution updates WP 7.8 for finalization. ^ MB.”

The much anticipated WP 7.8 update had begun its rollout on January 31, 2013 and is basically a cosmetic enhancement with a few Windows Phone 8 features thrown in the mix. Having been built on a different platform, owners of WP 7.5 Lumia’s are unable to update to WP 8, so Windows Phone 7.8 was created to bridge the gap. This brought along features from the new OS such as new start screen with resizable tiles, increased theme and accent colors, lock screen features and new icons for Office, games and the Windows Phone Store.

It is not yet clear when the update fix will be rolled out to help fix the issue, meaning Lumia owners will have to sit tight for the time being. As for non-Lumia users, the 7.8 update suspension means that you are likely to be stuck with WP 7.5 for a little bit longer.

– Anthony Carter

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