Microsoft To Simplify Migration To Outlook For Gmail Users

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Posted 4 years ago


Microsoft To Simplify Migration To Outlook For Gmail UsersOn Wednesday, Microsoft implemented its company’s next-in-line plan for its Hotmail service, whereby simplifying the migration of importing Gmail messages from its Google mail users into

On conjoining an existing gmail account to an account using what is dubbed OAuth, officially, lead senior program manager at Microsoft, Naoto Sunagawa explained the result of what a few simple steps will do: “This will import your Gmail emails into your inbox and, because you’ve connected both accounts, your Google contacts will automatically appear in”

What is the urgency and reason for the implementation for Microsoft? Sunagawa: “Growing frustration with outdated email services”. Is that statement meant to imply that there is a number of email users that want to switch providers given this migration tool; maybe some unhappy with Gmail? Yes, that what would be an appropriate presumption. (There was already a way to do this process before, I should note, though it was not so simple for people, on average). Would it be better to go with Microsoft?

That remains to be seen from those who take the bait.

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