Microsoft ‘Wants In’ On Wearable Device Market

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Posted 4 years ago


Microsoft 'Wants In' On Wearable Device MarketMicrosoft was left in the dust in the smartphone race, but it aims to rectify that by getting in good on the wearable device arena. Microsoft is making a bid to tangle with Google. You see, Microsoft is in the laboratory phase of challenging the Internet-connected eye wear of Google’s Glass. Microsoft doesn’t just want to compete with Google though. They have the lofty pipe dreams to compete on devices with Samsung and Apple, as well, who dominate the marketplace. And to be fair, time will tell.

Microsoft may have done well already by introducing the Surface tablet to the world. After all, Microsoft signed on the dotted line to the tune of $7 billion, thereby snatching up the cellphone business of Nokia.

Microsoft’s laboratory is getting crowded now as they are testing out their own version of what they hope will be a touch-enabled watch. By 2016 it is expected that wearable smart stuff will be a huge $10 billion dollar industry. (That’s 3 billion dollars worth more than mentioned in the previous paragraph). Does anybody realize that the gazillion dollar industry is in flight already?

Just a month ago the Galaxy Gear debuted as an amazing wristwatch; running apps and working along with its very own set of smartphones. It’s imperative for technology to surge forward, though we are still looking at 2016, or 2018, as the years when ordinary folk will don smart eye wear products.

Does anyone think that the price of $1,500, set by Google Glass is going to get people to flock to it? And how about a $400 smartwatch?

Fancy you’ll be on anybody’s Christmas list to get that one?

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