Microsoft Works With FBI To Halt ZeroAccess Malware

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Posted 4 years ago


Microsoft Works With FBI To Halt ZeroAccess MalwareThe FBI and its European contingent has hooked up with the Microsoft Corporation as they work together to find and fix the computers attacked with what has been dubbed ZeroAccess malware. This will be no mean feat as 2 million+ computers have been affected with the infectious software being used in this digital heist designed effectively to rob online advertisers.

Microsoft contends that “Due to its botnet architecture, ZeroAccess is one of the most robust and durable botnets in operation today and was built to be resilient to disruption efforts.” The plan hatched by the cyber ring turns out to be quite advanced: Microsoft’s statement continues — ZeroAccess malware depends “on a peer-to-peer infrastructure that allows cybercriminals to remotely control the botnet from tens of thousands of different computers.”

Rich Casale


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