Microsoft’s Surface Pro 64 GB Tablet Will Come with Only 23 GB Available Storage

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Posted 4 years ago

Microsoft has high hopes for its range of Surface tablets, but things didn’t get off to a great start when the Surface RT was launched last year. The tablet was lambasted for its distinct lack of usable storage after it was revealed that the Windows RT operating system powering the 32 GB device accounted for half of the advertised storage, and the 64 GB option came with just 46 GB of free space. If that was enough to put you off purchasing an RT model, it only gets worse with the upcoming Surface Pro’s.

According to The Verge, who has confirmed this with Microsoft, the 64 GB Surface Pro will come with just 23 gigabytes of open storage space! The Windows 8 operating system, built in apps and recovery partition make up a massive 41 GB of total storage, meaning the 128 GB version will have only 83 GB of open space – still probably more than you would ever need, but pitiful if you are buying the device based on its advertised 128 GB.

Microsoft did say to The Verge that users will be able to free up additional storage space by “creating a backup bootable USB and deleting the recovery partition,” but is that something you would really want to be doing on a newly purchased tablet? I know I wouldn’t.

The USB 3.0 and microSDXC card support will help improve storage considerably and the move could even inadvertently prove a great marketing ploy for Microsoft’s own SkyDrive, which offers users 7 GB of free cloud storage. However, storage is a pretty big factor for consumers when choosing a tablet to buy. Microsoft already has a lot of ground to make up on Apple and the cheaper Android tablets, and this storage situation certainly isn’t going to convince consumers that the Surface Pro is a must have tablet, especially given the $899 (64 GB) and $999 (128 GB) respective price tags.

– Anthony Carter

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