Microsoft’s Updated Android App Improved

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Posted 4 years ago

Microsoft's Updated Android App ImprovedBetter syncing,  better offline mail storage, colors, etc. are part and parcel to the Android application update by Microsoft. has over 400 million users. Of note is that 68% , according to Microsoft, of users take to their mobile devices which means that strengthening this app matters a lot.

Android, with myriad changes afoot to its mail experience couldn’t have come at a better time as previously Microsoft scored under three stars via 10,000 ratings by consumers.

TechCrunch will certainly have raised eyebrows with their impatient remark following the text in the same article that carries the above bit of Microsoft news by more generally and pointedly asking this bold but timely question: “When is someone going to reinvent this damn plague we call email?”

Rich Casale

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