Mobile App Search Engine Relcy Gets Funding

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Posted 3 years ago


Mobile App Search Engine Relcy Gets FundingThe soon-to-be-released mobile app search engine, Relcy, has garnered over $9 million in funding from venture capitalist companies, Khosla Ventures and Sequoia Capital.

Relcy will allow users to optimize their mobile search results by linking info across applications and across platforms. According to the creators of the app, the problem with the current search engines available on mobile phones and tablets is that almost all apps are designed for specific purposes and searching through these to find the right one can be arduous.

To better elucidate the purpose of Relcy, consider this analogy:

A series of specialty flower stores are scattered across your local community. You need to buy daffodils, your wife’s favorite flower, but you don’t know where to find them. Rather than driving around town, looking for the right specialty store, you can use an app to find the right flower store for you in a matter of seconds. Now, replace “flower store” with “application.” Relcy is an app to help you find the apps that are right for you.

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