Mobile Focus Key for Yahoo! Turnaround

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Posted 5 years ago

In her first public appearance as CEO of Yahoo!, Marissa Meyer has placed mobile as one of the key elements in her turnaround strategy for the struggling company.

Once the top dog in internet search, Yahoo! has been on a steady decline for the past few years; however, the former Google employee, who took up the role at Yahoo in July, seemed confident and assured as she delivered her first full quarterly results to analysts on Monday.

“We’re committed to going back to our roots as a consumer internet company focused on user experience,” Meyer told the audience. “The excitement and optimism that permeates Yahoo! right now is undeniable and with the leadership and guidance of our new management team it’s time to execute.”

Outlining her focus on search, mail, the homepage and mobile, Meyer spoke about the company’s intentions to turn Yahoo! into a “site of habit” for Web users that regularly check sports scores, stock prices and weather, send emails and share photos. She also explained that such user habits had left the company ideally situated for a “fundamental and massive platform shift” away from PCs and towards mobile devices.

In the past, Yahoo!’s mobile strategies have been ineffective for the company, mostly due to poor management. The homepage is not properly optimised for mobile and as Meyer explained, there are some 76 applications spread across Google Play and the iOS App Store.

“All this needs to change,” said Meyer. “Our top priority is a focused, coherent mobile strategy.”

This will require Yahoo! going out to recruit mobile engineers and designers as they aim to make up some ground on Google and FaceBook who are each currently growing their mobile advertising strategies. Ms Meyer promised that Yahoo! will be a “predominantly mobile company” in the “not too distant future.”

Following the stepping down of Jimmy Yang and the disastrous reign of Scott Thompson, Marissa Meyer is Yahoo!’s third CEO in a year. However, by identifying the company’s mobile failings and promising to address them, Meyer has shown there may be hope for the ailing company yet.

– Anthony Carter

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