Mobile Gifting Startup Sincerely Not Fazed By Facebook

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Posted 5 years ago

When Mark Zuckerberg and company launched Facebook Gifts back in September there must have been a lot of companies in the mobile gifts market quivering in their boots. With over one billion members, surely no one outside of Amazon could even dream of competing with the big blue social network? Well, one company is undeterred by Facebook’s new venture – Sincerely.

Two year old startup Sincerely is probably best known for their postcard app Postagram, a simple Instagram app that lets users turn photos into postcards, and the company has amassed around 1.2 million members, who have sent out around 800,000 cards to various addresses. Of course, with one billion user’s versus the little over one million members of Sincerely, you could forgive Facebook for not being worried about the competition; however, the numbers have not prevented the Postagram makers from diving head first into the world of mobile gifting.

“Gifting is a massive market,” said Matt Brezina, CEO of Sincerely. ‘No company is going to own it all. Facebook’s brand doesn’t say, ‘Trust me with a credit card. Trust me with your mailing address.’ And it definitely doesn’t say, ‘We have excellent customer support.’ Our brand says all of those things. This is all we do.”

The forthcoming mobile gifts launch will be called Sesame, although Brezina is staying pretty tight lipped on what the new app is all about, only revealing that it will involve more expensive gifts. He also shared a picture of a Sesame gift box and indicated that “beautiful packing” will set their app apart from others on the market. You can see that picture here at the Sincerely blog.

The mobile gifting market has been traditionally dominated by Amazon and eBay, but with FaceBook’s purchase of startup Karma Science earlier in the year, the social network is expected by many to become the dominant force. However, Brezina doesn’t feel threatened, saying to TechCrunch: “We think we can compete with Amazon and Facebook on having the most comprehensive address network in the world, really focusing on the 20-30 relationships you care about most and having a truly beautiful gifting experience — not just a product sent in a brown box.”

The CEO also feels that Facebook’s new service can play in to his company’s hands by creating “awareness of sending gifts to your friends through your mobile phone.”

In fact, Brezina said “I think we can do better than them long term,” before adding jokingly, “but I am a crazy entrepreneur.”

Crazy? Maybe. Clever? Definitely. It is hard not to root for an ambitious startup like Sincerely against the mega corporations, and I for one wish Matt Brezina and his company success in their venture.

– Anthony Carter

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