More Bitcoin ATM’s On The Way

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Posted 3 years ago


More Bitcoin ATM's On The WayThe Mt. Gox bitcoin fiasco has done little to stop the spread of bitcoin ATM’s.

There are now three companies making bitcoin ATM’s, one of which produces machines that can dish out dollars as well as bitcoins.

Thinking of going into the bitcoin ATM business? A bitcoin ATM will set you back between $25,000 to $75,000.

As for the end users of bitcoin ATM’s, well, let’s just say you’re going to need a bit more than just your credit or debit card. You’ll need to smile for the camera as it takes a snapshot of you, and be prepared to hand over your phone number, a pin number, your government ID, and, last but not least, a palm vein scan. If all that doesn’t discourage you, the 15 wait time for your transaction to be approved, might.


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