More Sony Hack Documents Released By WikiLeaks

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Posted 2 years ago


Emails and Documents From Sony Pictures Hack Published By WikileaksSony Pictures is still dealing with the aftermath of a cyberattack that leaked a deluge of sensitive information.

The Wikileaks group, founded by whistleblower Julian Assange, reported the latest release of documents it retrieved from the motion picture studio via Twitter.

Coincidentally, the news comes on the third anniversary of Assange’s asylum request in the embassy of Ecuador in London, England.

The documents involved total over 276,000.

Their previous data dump totalled 30,000 documents.

Sony Pictures reported that they were hacked in November of last year, and federal investigators concluded that it was the work of hackers aligned with the North Korean government as retribution for the studio’s release of ‘The Interview’, a satirical film mocking that government.

Wikileaks claimed that this latest document release contains highly sensitive information, exemplified by the studio’s involvement in a bribery allegation contained in a series of documents.

Sony Pictures representatives opted not to comment on the reports.

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