Motorola Migrate Updated with iCloud Support

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Posted 3 years ago


Motorola Migrate Updated with iCloud Support

Looking to move from the iPhone to the Moto X? Well the migration process has just become a lot easier thanks to Motorola’s latest Migrate app update.

Continuing the roll that Motorola has been on with its app updates for Android 4.4, Migrate now includes iCloud support, allowing users to easily move data from the iPhone over to some of the premier Android smartphones on the market.

Migrate is capable of transferring music, photos, call history, text messages, contacts and more from any iOS device to the Moto X, Droid Ultra, Droid Maxx, and Droid Mini, with minimum fuss. The app also affords Android users the same service, providing a full step-by-step guide throughout the entire process.

Transferring from one phone to another – especially when one of those devices is an iPhone – has traditionally been a labored and clunky process. With this update, Motorola has improved and streamlined the process and instantly made its own range of devices more appealing.

“One of the biggest pains of a new phone is leaving behind important stuff on your old phone,” read the app description. “Now you can move the most important content from your old to your new phone in just a few steps, wirelessly.”

Migrating really could not be any easier: simply sign in to iCloud, sign in to Google, and wait while Migrate does its thing. The app will keep you updated with how the transfer is coming along all the way through the process and notify you when it’s done.

In addition to iCloud support, Motorola has also thrown in some bug fixes and enhancements to improve the running of the app.

If you are using any of the compatible Motorola devices mentioned, head on over to Google Play and grab Migrate now.

– Anthony Carter


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