Mozilla rolls out Firefox 24 for Android

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Posted 4 years ago

Mozilla rolls out Firefox 24 for AndroidMozilla has released version 24 of its Firefox browser for Android, and it comes with several features for users to enjoy.

The company announced the update on its blog on Wednesday, with the focus very much on sharing – though there are several other cool goodies too.

The most notable of the sharing features is Quick Share, which is noticeable with a new envelope icon in the share menu. Quick Share does exactly what is says on the tin – lets you post and email your favorite websites, videos and articles quickly.

“Share frequently with Twitter, Facebook, SMS, or email? Firefox for Android will automatically add your most frequent sharing service to the menu button,” said Mozilla on its blog.

The next sharing feature is known as “bump-sharing” and involves the use of NFC (you’ll obviously need an NFC-ready device to use it). The feature is simple and effective, allowing NFC-enabled handsets to share tabs.

Moving away from sharing, Mozilla also announced an update to the Firefox Reader, which will now come complete with Night Mode. As the name suggests, this is designed to make it easier for users to read text in the dark and will do so by displaying words in white text on a black background. Cleverly, users will be able to switch from regular to night mode automatically, based on light levels. There is also an option to do this manually should you wish.

Language support is another thing on the list and Firefox for Android will now support 20 languages thanks to the addition of British-English, Swedish and Catalan support.

The final item on the changelog is WebRTC support – a platform that will allow browser-to-browser applications such as voice calling, video chat, and file sharing without plugins, Mozilla said.

Firefox for Android is available to download now for free from the Google Play Store.

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