Mt. Gox Is Bankrupt: Hackers Flock Like Ravens To The Slaughter

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Posted 3 years ago


Mt. Gox Is Bankrupt: Hackers Flock Like Ravens To The SlaughterFiling for bankruptcy, on Friday in Japan comes the news out of Tokyo that Mt. Gox has fallen.

The calamitous situation has more woe in its plot line: Hackers attacked Mt. Gox’s hardly-failsafe computers making off with a half billion dollars in Bitcoin, which is the alleged story.

I wrote in a previous post on 2/19/2014 Enchanted Bitcoin ATM Debuts In New Mexico Cigar Shop — and it may be quite a stretch — but check this out: There is a Bitcoin ATM in Albuquerque New Mexico in the United States and that camera, I have no doubt, is being watched 24/7 and someone involved in the hack scheme may just stop by for a linking banking activity!

Now with that little bit of levity out of the way.

Despite all that has happened Mt. Gox’s CEO Mark Karpeles, who is a Frenchman, spoke in Japanese, at the site that is offering him and his company shelter from the storm.

Tokyo District Court: The firm collapsed on a “weakness in our system” and playing politics, or maybe its his nature to be optimistic, the head honcho’s mood appears hopeful, yet discontent, as a careful take on what else he said reveals.

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