MTV Artists – The All-in-One Music Discovery App for iOS

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Posted 4 years ago


MTV Artists – The All-in-One Music Discovery App for iOSWhen it comes to music discovery, you don’t have to look far in the Apple App Store to find something to satisfy your needs. I’m sure you all have your own favorites – Shazam, SoundHound, Vevo, etc. Such is the crowded nature of the market that any new app is going to have to be pretty darn good to generate even the slightest bit of interest. Fortunately, by combining all of the key aspects of the music discovery experience in one neatly designed app, MTV Artists has what it takes to attract your interest.

Following on from MTV’s recently released on-demand video app for the channel’s various reality and scripted show content, Artists takes everything generally carried out by mobile-using music fans and puts them in one place.

“We’re stitching together a lot of music discovery activity that happens in a lot of different places,” Shannon Connolly, SVP of music strategy Connected Content, told Billboard.

Among its range of features, MTV Artists has the ability to identify songs by listening to the music being played around you, pull up information such as bios, videos and audio clips from its vast IMDB-like database, and allow users to search for an artist by name or lyrics.

The app will also feature exclusive content from popular artists and connects to iTunes to let you buy albums and singles from your favorite singers and bands. What’s more, MTV Artists will let you know when performers are touring and let you buy concert tickets through Songkick.

Essentially, MTV Artists is Shazam, Vevo, and Ticketmaster all in one, with the added advantage of providing an extension to the exhaustive collection of information. With all of these features combined, this app could well be the best of its kind and, given the competition, that is a pretty big honor indeed.

MTV Artists is currently only available for iOS; however, MTV has promised an Android app in the near future.

– Anthony Carter


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