Netflix Content Chief To European Filmmakers: Don’t Blame Us For Your Problems

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Posted 2 years ago


Netflix Sees Record GrowthA Q&A session at the Cannes Film Festival involving a senior executive with Netflix got rather testy, resulting in the executive having to go on the defensive.

Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos was hit with accusations by Andre Lange of the European Audiovisual Observatory that claim that Netflix was shirking on making payments to a system that gives local movie makers important tax subsidies.

It is a law in France that national film productions as well as broadcasters and distributors must contribute to these subsidies; foreign companies are exempt from this.

This took place during an event at the festival’s Next program, which was created to showcase digital distributors’ increasing role in the film world.

Sarandos responded to the charges by stating, “I think what we are going to do is grow the film ecosystem.”

His sentiments were echoed by Harvey Weinstein of Miramax, who issued his support from the front row of the audience. His efforts to release major content online has also met with detractors, but he feels that Netflix and others are necessary for the growth of the industry.

Sarandos went on to further explain that over a million people watch French-language programming on Netflix, and that this statistic will go on to uncover more French talent that can gain more work as a result.

He cited a recent Netflix series that was cast and shot in France, ‘Marseilles’, as a prime example.

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