Netflix has No Plans to Launch BB 10 App Anytime Soon

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Posted 4 years ago

Having finally released its long awaited BlackBerry 10 operating system and new line of phones at the end of January this year, RIM has placed a lot of hope in this OS being the one that halts the slide the company has been on during the past couple of years. However, little over a month after its release, it is becoming clear to users that BB 10 is lacking some major players in the app department, and the OS was dealt a further blow yesterday with news that Netflix has no immediate plans to release an app for the platform.

BlackBerry 10 was launched with some 70,000 apps, with big names such as Facebook, Twitter, Skype, LinkedIn, Angry Birds and Foursquare all showing up with native apps, but there were also some notable absentees in the app lineup – YouTube, Google Maps and Spotify amongst them. By announcing the fact it will not be launching an application anytime soon, Netflix has added itself to the list of the missing and on to the wish list of BB 10 users everywhere.

Fans of BlackBerry have already expressed their disappointment that Netflix is not on board from the get go and the Canadian firm took time to address the issue at the January 30 (2013) launch event, saying that talks were ongoing between themselves and both Netflix and Instagram. Talks are reportedly still ongoing between RIM and Netflix, but this announcement by AllThingsD, citing sources familiar with the issue, indicates that any light at the end of the tunnel is quickly fading.

According to AllThingsD’s sources, Instagram are also opting for the “wait and see” approach before committing to the platform; however, TechCrunch has reported that fans of the social photo sharing app can take advantage of a ported Android version of the app released by BerryThai.

A similar Android repackaging might be the only way BB 10 are going to see Netflix on the operating system, with the video-streaming service clearly not seeing any incentive to develop for BlackBerry at this time.

BlackBerry, though, are – as ever – remaining upbeat.

“We’re committed to bringing top titles from around the globe to BlackBerry 10 customers,” said company spokesperson Alex Kinsella.

“At this time, it’s in Netflix’s court to join the excitement around BlackBerry 10 — we hope they choose to bring a BlackBerry 10 experience to their customers. We’d love to have them.”

– Anthony Carter

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