Netflix Trumps HBO In Q3 Report – 5 Billion Hours Streamed

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Netflix Trumps HBO In Q3 Report - 5 Billion Hours StreamedIn the United States Netflix trampled HBO underfoot, as reported for the third quarter of 2013, with subscribers streaming five billion hours worth of content. Netflix has done exceptionally well stateside. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings and CFO David Wells made certain winning competitive feats known by sharing with the press a letter to shareholders with the company. The top brass executives at Netflix, mentioned previously, expressed they had recently surpassed the 40 million members milestone, “up from less than 30 million just one year ago”.

The first quarter of 2013, saw Netflix’s CEO informing the public through Facebook, of the prolific stats the company was amassing: CEO Hastings cited  four billion hours of video logged in a scant three months into 2013. Upping the ante by 1 billion hours over a six month period is quite a feat; this is just the kind of stuff that Netflix has been raving about.

The winner of a good few Emmy awards at this year’s ceremonies, thanks to its production of original content: House of Cards, Hemlock Grove, Orange Is The New Black, among the cream of the crop that have been smash hits on Netflix.

Netflix may have step it up even more though, as HBO took 27 Emmy Awards home in scant comparison to Netflix’s sole three awards.

What is pertinent for Netflix is the continuation of strong domestic as well as international subscriptions. Netflix must churn out unique, top-notch original content. Netflix, finally, must lock in exclusive deals that allow them to stream much-watched TV shows.

Just because Netflix seems like they are on some kind of mission to compete with the vaunted likes of HBO doesn’t mean they can attain that lofty perch without herculean efforts, on their part.

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