Netflix’s Unified TV Interface

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Posted 4 years ago


Netflix's Unified TV InterfaceToday Netflix will be using a more universally applicable, faster television interface that diligently mimics the regular TV of old where there was always something on.

Netflix has answered a couple of questions that were brought to bear. As a result, users won’t see the static grid; half the screen will be filled with some kind of visual masthead. There will be three images per selection and new & improved synopses of films and shows. Netflix will introduce, what they call the evidence which means if one of your contacts likes what your viewing you will be made aware of it. If not you will be awards and nominations stemming from the film/show.

There is a lot to the new updated Netflix interface. Over the next few weeks Netflix will launch this on PlayStation 4, PS3, Xbox 360, Roku 3, etc.

If one owns an Apple TV, however, they have the Netflix application and it is quite straightforward and will not be available. Wii and Wii U owners won’t be able to access the new Netflix.

In some cases there can even be the functionality of voice control.

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