New App Aims to Stop People Using Phones While Driving

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Posted 5 years ago

The dangers of texting and talking on the phone while driving are well known. If you are concentrating on doing something on your phone, then obviously, your attention is diverted away from the road. Education portal, recently produced an infographic that was published by Mashable, revealing that at least 23% of auto collisions – some 1.3 million crashes – involved cell phones. A very scary statistic.

A new software suite including a web browser and mobile app has been released with the aim of finally put an end to the distraction of using phones when driving. OneProtect by 10n2 Technologies can be installed on smartphones and will use GPS technology to block phones once the car is moving. By setting a speed of your choice as a limit (the default is set at 15MPH), the second your car reaches that threshold, the phone will lock up, thus preventing use until the car has been slowed to a suitable speed.

OneProtect is not the first app developed to stop drivers using phones when driving; just last week an app called DriveScribe was released that can put a jamming function on phones to prevent texts and calls from being made. However, OneProtect has something totally unique in its favor – patent pending technology known as Attention Verification Test (AVT).

The AVT has the capability to differentiate between drivers and passengers and provides a test that is designed to be virtually impossible for drivers to complete, but is achievable for passengers. Using the GPS, the app will pick up that you’re travelling above the pre-selected speed. It will then ask if you are the driver or the passenger; selecting driver will see the phone automatically locked until the speed drops below the set limit, while selecting passenger will present you with the AVT.

Letters appear quickly on the screen in a short space of time and users will be required to tap on them precisely; a very tough task – even as a passenger.

OneProtect still makes it possible to phone emergency numbers and provides users with a web application that allows administrators to set preferences such as speed and time of day activation.

The statistics are there for everyone to see regarding the dangers of cell phone use during driving. The more people that this app reaches, the safer roads will become for everyone.

– Anthony Carter

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