New App AirCast Shares Gallery, Dropbox and Google Drive Files to Chromecast

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Posted 4 years ago

New App AirCast Shares Gallery, Dropbox and Google Drive Files to ChromecastChromecast is one of the best things released by Google this year. It looks great, works fantastically well, and costs just $35. As great as it is though, Google’s alternative to Apple TV still leaves a lot to be desired in the streaming department. Sure, the potential is there, and the gadget is getting better by the week; however, we live in a world where we want everything right now, and this includes the ability to stream locally stored video. Fortunately, a new app called AirCast has arrived to bridge the gap between Chromecast and AirPlay.

Developer Koushik Dutta has been hard at work building a series of apps to let users stream various different types of content from an Android phone to a Chromecast HDMI stick and now the first version of the app he calls ‘AirCast’ is ready to use. The app will allows users to stream video from their Android Gallery, Dropbox, or Google Drive directly to their television set and it’s brilliantly easy to use: simply select a locally stored video on your smartphone and click on “AirCast” from the “share” menu, just like you would if you were uploading a video on social media.

AirCast is available to download now, but before you leave here to get your hands on it, there is a catch: the app is currently only available for testing purposes. You can still download it, test it out, and report any bugs to the developer, but the app will stop working tomorrow. Hopefully it will not be too long of a wait before a full version of AirCast is released, and the overwhelmingly positive response to the app thus far suggests that it will not be.

– Anthony Carter

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