New App Helps You Make Your Own Harlem Shake Video

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Posted 4 years ago

Gangnam Style is dead – long live the Harlem Shake! We the people are seemingly unable to resist a new dance craze and just as society is recovering from Psy’s Gangnam Style, along comes the Harlem Shake to keep people swinging those hips.

The Harlem Shake – a cultural phenomenon that has nothing to do with the dance of the same name originating from Harlem in the 1980s – vent viral around the world after a 30-second dance video of DJ Baauer’s techno song was posted on YouTube. Subsequently, a splurge of Harlem Shake videos have been posted on the video-sharing site featuring everyone from LeBron James and his Miami Heat teammates to the University of Georgia’s men’s swimming and diving team, with total views pushing 200 million.

The Harlem Shake is currently at its peak, so if you are thinking about making a video you should do it now before the craze drops off the face of the earth. To help you achieve your ambition, developer Kirill Ivashchenko has released a new Android app called Harlem Shake Creator.

The app provides step-by-step directions to help you make a viral video and even includes the built-in original track, allowing you get down to business. Once you have convinced your friends to take part in your video and produced your masterpiece, the Harlem Shake Creator allows you to upload the video directly to YouTube, where you can bask in the glory of potentially thousands of views.

The app currently has an overall 4.4 rating from almost 1,300 user reviews and is available as a free-to-download Lite version and an ad free Pro version, which costs just $1. The paid for version also has the advantage of letting you save your completed videos to your phone library.

To help you get inspired for your video, here is a compilation of some Harlem Shake triumphs:

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