New Apple TV Box Will Not Be Revealed At WWDC

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Posted 2 years ago


New Apple TV Service PlannedIf you were looking to find out more about the new Apple TV box at their conference next week, prepare to be disappointed.

The much-anticipated move was shelved by Apple after months of speculation and days before the Worldwide Developers Conference to be held on June 8th.

Many were looking to see what changes Apple had made to the device, and to also see what the company had in store in relation to a new Web television service they are looking to launch.

That latter product will also not see any light at WWDC.

The word from sources close to the company cite that higher-ups chose to delay the news and instead focus on working out the technological and financial details involved with both products.

There are those who feel that Apple may not deliver on a Web TV service until next year at this rate, but Apple has pulled back on releasing information before only to spring it on the public in more opportune moments.

Christopher A. Smith


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