New Auto Shazam Feature Means You’ll Never Miss Another Track

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Posted 4 years ago


New Auto Shazam Feature Means You’ll Never Miss Another TrackSong identification apps are great, but how many times have you been left frustrated by an inability to get your phone out of your pocket in time to find out the name of a track? Well, missing the identity of tracks is now a thing of the past thanks to Shazam’s newly updated iPhone app.

If you currently use Shazam on your iPad, Auto Shazam will be nothing new; however, for iPhone and iPod Touch users, the feature is something that has been noticeably lacking.

Music identification software has always been better suited to smartphones as you are much more likely to be carrying your iPhone when a track catches your attention. With the new feature, Shazam is able to continuously recognize music and TV around you even if your device is locked in your pocket. Simply switch on the auto mode and go about your business as normal while Shazam works quietly in the background, recording everything being played. When accessing the app a few hours later, you will see a list of the tracks recorded, from which you can choose the ones that are worth saving.

“Flip the switch on the Shazam home screen to turn on Auto Shazam, and automatically recognize while you commute or watch a movie, even if you leave the Shazam app or lock your phone,” Shazam writes in its changelog.

The feature, while a little bit creepy, will prove useful in numerous everyday situations: the daily commute, in a bar at night, watching a movie – basically any situation where it is impractical or inappropriate to take out your phone and start recording.

It isn’t likely to be overly kind to your battery, but Auto Shazam is certainly a feature worth having. Check it out now in the App Store.

– Anthony Carter


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