New Chinese App Asks Citizens To Spy On Officials

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Posted 2 years ago


SURVEY: More70 Million Computer Users In China Face Security Risk Apps Downloaded In China Than In The United StatesThe Chinese government has released a new application that is meant to give the power of keeping an eye on corrupt officials to the people.

The Central Commission for Discipline Inspection(CCDI), the nation’s anti-corruption agency, announced the new app on their website entitled “One-click anti-four tendencies app”.

The title refers to violations of discipline that include gifts in violation of Communist Party rules and other forms of extravagance.

The app was created as a response to citizen outrage over officials being highly extravagant with funds, with examples of throwing ostentatious weddings and other occasions as they struggle to make a living.

The app allows users to write messages up to 432 words and even include photos or videos that could be up to 5 MB in size with the message reporting these “tigers.”

While on the surface this app release can be seen as a way for the public to help the government crack down on corruption, there are some concerns that it could have a backlash against some citizens and anti-corruption activists who have fought against those officials only to be hounded in return.

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