New Investment Puts Stripe At $5 Billion

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Posted 2 years ago


StripeWho says there’s cashflow problems within Silicon Valley?

The latest beneficiary of the new movement by tech investors to bestow large infusions of capital is Stripe.

The San Francisco, California based online payments company is now in talks to secure investments in a new round of funding that would raise Stripe’s value to approximately $5 billion.

This is in the wake of a previous round of funding that saw the company gaining an investment amount that had the company valued at $3.5 billion.

Stripe’s allure comes from their reputation for smooth setups of their software by developers.

Their normal practice sees them charge businesses thirty cents and 2.9 percent on every transaction made through their websites. Half of that cut they earn goes towards the necessary payments to financial institutions and payment card businesses.

Stripe’s increased business means more profit for their associates, and this development will only help them in an intensifying race to maintain a strong position among other startups in the field.

Christopher A. Smith


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