New IOS App Heyday Makes Journaling Easy

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Posted 4 years ago


New IOS App Heyday Makes Journaling EasyIn the days of social media, we share pretty much every aspect of our daily lives with the rest of the world: what we eat, what we wear, whom we are dating – anything’s fair game. However, what if you want a little bit of ‘me’ time – a chance to take some time out to relive your social media life in privacy? Well, a new app by the name of Heyday has arrived to help you out.

Heyday is a clever app that will collect photos and log location data to create a personalized journal that can only be seen by you.

Unlike Day One, which requires you to manually input memories to create a journal, Heyday makes journaling easy by creating your memories automatically. By granting access, the app will set about grouping together photos, videos, and locations by the day and will display the results in a grid format with the option of automatic filtering.

Heyday can be seen as a hybrid of a Facebook and Path timeline without the social element. On this app, everything created is set to private by default.

In developing the app, Heyday CEO and co-founder Siqi Chen said that inspiration came from speaking with users of Facebook and Foursquare.

“About half of the Foursquare users we talked to had accounts with no friends,” he told NBC News. “And with Facebook, users were tired of people over-sharing with things like baby and vacation photos. There weren’t that many products that helped people remember their lives for themselves.”

If you are a keen journal-keeper, the lack of features on Heyday might be off-putting; but if you are simply looking to record your digital life and don’t have the time to input memories yourself, the “effortless journaling” aspect of this app makes it a pretty great option.

Heyday is available as a free download from the App Store now.

– Anthony Carter


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