New iOS App Let’s You Communicate with the Dead

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Posted 4 years ago

New iOS App Let’s You Communicate with the DeadIf you’ve ever heard strange noises in the night or felt the presence of a ghost in your house, you’d probably do one of two things: hide under the covers until daylight, or attempt to communicate or confront the visitor. If you have a tendency for the latter, a new app by Greenwood, Indiana, startup Streamside Software will be right up your street.

Spirit Story Box is the brainchild of ghost hunting duo Roger Pingleton and Jill Beitz and works by picking up changes in electrical noise and displays single or multiple word messages from a built-in story engine allowing ghosts to communicate with the iPhone user, essentially like a modern day Ouija Board.

“Electricity seems to attract the spirits,” folklore historian Wanda Lou Willis told the Indianapolis Star, who first featured the new app. “Human beings have a lot of electricity in their bodies. It is believed that when we pass over, our spirits becomes something in the universe, sort of an electrical current.”

Spirit Story Box is not the first app to attempt to channel the dead, and iPhone apps GhostCam and Ghost Radar have proven fairly popular; this is, however, the first app to give a voice to the dead.

“The program looks at certain variables within the computer itself and it keeps track of certain selectors, and when it gets to a point where it’s going to spit out a word it uses those selectors to select the words,” Pingleton told the Star.

Like with anything tapping in to the spirit world, this app has its skeptics and there are a few people that believe this $0.99 download to be nothing more than a random word generator that is marketed towards gullible wannabe ghostbusters.

Whether you believe it to be real or fake, no one can deny Spirit Story Box is an entertaining app that will prove a lot of fun if nothing else.

– Anthony Carter

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