New iOS App Puts a New ‘Spin’ on Video Calling

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Posted 4 years ago

New iOS App Puts a New ‘Spin’ on Video CallingIf you are looking to partake in a little bit of video call action on your iDevice, you will not have to look far in the App Store to find an application that caters to your needs. However, while the market is crowded and competition is fiercer than ever, this has not stopped developers Net Power & Light joining the party with its new app, Spin.

Spin comes to iOS with the promise of bringing the “first real-time together experience,” allowing users to chat with up to nine other people at one time and share HD videos and photos. This is all made possible by the company’s trademarked propriety technology that it says is “the best-combined audio, video, voice, image, and touch quality that exists today.”

“We designed Spin’s technology platform from the ground up to amplify how people naturally act and engage when they’re deeply connected and together” said Net Power & Light CEO Tara Lemmey, to Mashable.

The technology she speaks of is called “High Fidelity” and is four years in the making, offering 60fps interface animation and 44 kHz ultra-wideband audio, which gives the app almost recording studio quality sound.

Live sessions are known as “Gatherings” and allow a group of users to upload and share photos and videos from their camera roll or Facebook and YouTube accounts. Anyone participating in a gathering can then watch the video as they please and have fun with effects such as paper airplanes, vuvuzela horns, tomato tossing, and collaborative drawing. It is also possible to send out what are known as “Spinvitations” which sends out a push notification to others, inviting them to join in with a call. If you need to pull yourself out of a conversation, you simply drag your avatar off the screen.

Spin Gatherings can be carried out on iPhone, iPad and even broadcast to your Apple TV, which makes it particularly good for conference calls. The company also says that it is planning to introduce new features in the future, including recording.

You can take Spin for a spin now by downloading it free from the App Store.

– Anthony Carter

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