New iOS App “Secret” Lets you Share Your Inner Thoughts Anonymously

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Posted 4 years ago


New iOS App “Secret” Lets you Share Your Inner Thoughts AnonymouslyEver had a secret that you wanted to share with everyone but didn’t want anyone to know that it was you telling it? A new app, appropriately called “Secret”, will let you let you do exactly that.

Following in the footsteps of long-running website PostSecret and the more recent app Whisper, Secret has been developed to let you share your inner most thoughts and feelings anonymously with members of your social circles. There are no names or ways of identifying a person on Secret and you are totally free to be yourself – something that many people feel that cannot be on Facebook and Twitter. The more likes and comments that a post receives, the more it will catch on and spread throughout the app, maybe even right in front of your friends – not that they’d ever know it was you.

“Secret feels like a masquerade ball,” the app’s co-founder David Mark Byttow told TechCrunch. “You know who’s on the guest list, but you don’t know who is saying what.”

The app, which is all about the free spread of an idea as opposed to the person who has posted the idea, lets you change the color/design of the post background before writing and view notifications related to your posts, such as comments and likes.

“This isn’t necessarily about sharing secrets. It’s about sharing secretly. People feel a sense of belonging or validation when we’re all feeling the same things. I hear people’s internal dialogues and they resonate with me,” said former Square Wallet lead Byttow.

According the TechCrunch, the company has raised $1.4 million from investors, including Google Ventures, Kleiner Perkins, and Index Ventures, amongst others.

Secret is currently available to download free in the App Store. There is no word yet on any release for Android.

– Anthony Carter


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