New YouTube Feature Helps Creators Check Song Rights

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Posted 3 years ago


New YouTube Feature Helps Creators Check Song RightsYouTube has launched a new feature to assist creators when it comes to selecting music for their videos.

Now creators can learn what rights are assigned to a particular song before they use it in their videos.

Any type of rights restriction will now be displayed via Content ID to creators in the Audio Library.

From the YouTube Creators Blog:

“Great videos deserve a great soundtrack. That’s why we work with artists and music companies around the world to bring great music to YouTube. It’s why we’ve developed Content ID to empower you to feature, curate and celebrate the music you love in your YouTube videos.

But until now there was no way to know what would happen if you used a specific track until after you hit upload. Starting today, you can search the YouTube Audio Library to determine how using a particular track in your video will affect it on YouTube, specifically if it will stay live on YouTube or if any restrictions apply. You can uncross those uploading fingers now!”


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