NFL Launch New App for 2013-2014 Season

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Posted 4 years ago

NFL Launch New App for 2013-2014 SeasonThe NFL has rolled out its new app for all major smartphone operating systems (including BlackBerry) just in time for the start of the 2013-2014 season.

Routinely checking a phone or tablet during games to find out scores from elsewhere, latest news, and keeping up to date with other sports news on phones when you can’t be in front of the TV has become commonplace for football fans everywhere. The new app will appeal to those that live and breathe the NFL and brings together the features that were previously available on separate apps – the primary NFL highlights and “cross carrier” scores app, and the Verizon Wireless exclusive app that provided subscribers with access to live games.

The app is available now free on all platforms, but the features are no less fragmented than they were when two apps were available. Every user will get easy access to news, scores, and video highlights, but only Verizon customers will have access to premium upgrade features that include live streaming of football games, NFL Network, and NFL RedZone for a flat fee of $5 a month. Premium users will not have access to every game though, only those screened by NBC and ESPN. This means you will have to settle for checking the scores of Sunday afternoon games belonging to Fox and CBS, or waiting for the video highlights packages.

The Verge notes that, like before, full game streaming for Verizon users is limited to phones only as tablet licenses revolve around cable companies. Live streaming on tablets will be governed by separate access deals through pay TV services.

The cable companies’ situation means that this NFL app can never fully reach its potential, but there is certainly enough to keep football fans satisfied during the season.

The regular season kicks off in less than a month when the Broncos host the Baltimore Ravens in Denver on Thursday September 5.

– Anthony Carter

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