Nike+ Running for iOS Gets Update

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Posted 4 years ago

Nike+ Running for iOS Gets UpdateThere’s nothing quite like a bit of healthy competition between friends to get you exercising, and the leaderboard feature has played a big part in making Nike+ Running one of the best fitness apps on iOS. From today, the app has received an update that adds a little something extra for those with a competitive nature: challenges. The new addition allows you to set a target distance and lay down the challenge to friends by inviting them take part, with the aim of seeing who can arrive at the finishing line first.

In an effort to increase the motivation to get running, Nike+ Running will also allow those taking part in challenges access to a group chat feature that can be used by participants to chat to each other in real-time and dish out some timely inspiration and check progress. Of course, chat is likely to be used less for the motivational encouragement and more for goading and boasting, but it’s all good fun. In order to give something more than a sense of personal achievement and an enlarged ego to the winner, Nike says it will also offer medals to challenge winners. What these medals are good for in real world terms is anybody’s guess, but it’s much better to have them there than not – and showing a shiny virtual medal off to friends is far more satisfying than just telling them about your win.

The new 4.3 update for iOS adds something extra to the leaderboard feature and is a clever ploy by Nike to get users to invite their friends to use the app.

Nike+ Running version 4.3 is currently available to download free in the App Store. It is not yet clear when the challenges feature will be made available on Android.

– Anthony Carter

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