Nintendo’s 99 Dollar Bargain In Stores Soon

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Posted 4 years ago


Nintendo's 99 Dollar Bargain In Stores SoonThe $99 dollar Wii Mini console will finally be in U.S. retail outlets in just 2-3 weeks, at best. Last fall the Wii Mini became available in Canadian stores, and in March of this year in the United Kingdom.

Wii U sales have not been so good, given only a brisk boost by a most important price slashing.

Nintendo is busy working on expanding their operations.

By Nintendo stopping production of the original console, the redesigned mini is the only remaining choice of hardware for traditional Wii players. US gamesters will see the console bundled containing a Wii Remote Plus and nunchuk attachment, along with the Mario Kart Wii. Nintendo will unleash the console mid-month.

Late summer, Nintendo’s $129.99 2DS handheld debuted as a means of powering up its wildly popular, top-tier 3DS ecosystem.

Traditionally, it is Microsoft and Sony holding court over the entire high end of the game market, while Nintendo reigns in the inexpensively-priced low end of the game market.

Kickstarter’s winner Ouya as well as Shield and Nvidia, most recently, make up the new flank of game-making company competitors.

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