Nokia Adds Sight Recognition to HERE Maps

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Posted 4 years ago

Nokia Adds Sight Recognition to HERE MapsThis week sees CTIA 2013 take place at the Sands Expo and Conference Center in Las Vegas. Nokia are at The Mobile Marketplace event and while there is no new handset on show from the Finnish company, it did reveal an exciting new addition to the already impressive HERE Maps application.

The update released is called LiveSight and it brings the wonderful world of augmented reality to the navigation system. In a blog post on the Conversations with Nokia site, the company explained why LiveSight was being introduced: “HERE uses sight navigation as a new way to discover and find your way through the world. Sometimes pins on a map are not quite enough, LiveSight uses sight to recognize and identify places around you simply, by looking around through your phone’s display.”

LiveSight is a kind of equivalent to Google Street View and uses site recognition to provide users with a new way of discovering what is around them. The feature is activated by tapping on the LiveSight icon in HERE Maps and it will display various points of interest (shops, restaurants, cafes, etc.), either overlaid on an aerial map or in a ground-level Street View-style set up, detailing essential information such as phone numbers addresses and, importantly, customer ratings.

LiveSight is quite similar to the Windows Phone 8’s City Lens in terms of operation and functionality and expands upon what is already one of the best mapping applications on the market. The coolest thing about the feature, though, and its greatest selling point, is offline access. That’s right; you can use LiveSight without using data – a brilliant touch by Nokia.

While LiveSight is probably not enough on its own to tempt Android and iOS users over to Windows Phone, there is no doubting its class.

You can check out a demo video of the feature here.

– Anthony Carter

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